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Interact with ImprovMX with the help of Raycast
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📧 ImprovMX Raycast Extension

This is a Raycast extension for ImprovMX, an email forwarding service. With this extension, you can quickly create masked email addresses, add new domains to your ImprovMX account, create aliases for your domains, and manage SMTP credentials.

You don't need a paid account to use the Raycast extension, and just can request a free API key from the ImprovMX dashboard.

Getting started

To use this extension, you need to have Raycast installed on your macOS device. Once you have Raycast installed, you can install this extension from Raycast official store

This will install the extension and make it available in Raycast.

How to get a free ImprovMX API Key?

  1. Create a free account and add your domain on https://improvmx.com
  2. Head over to https://app.improvmx.com/api and click on "Generate a new API key"
  3. Copy the provided key
  4. Paste it when asked on Raycast 🎉


This extension provides a few commands that help to manage your email setup quickly and efficiently from the Raycast command panel:

  • Manage Domain and Aliases Manage ImprovMX domains and aliases from the Raycast interface.

  • Create Masked Email Address Quickly generate a new masked email address. Add a default domain to "Masked Email Address" in the extension preferences to use it as a default domain for masked email addresses. This will save you some time when creating masked email addresses.

  • Add and Manage Domains List, and add a new domain to your ImprovMX account.

  • Create and Manage Alias See which aliases are live on your account, and create a new alias for a domain.

  • Create and Manage SMTP Credentials Create SMTP credentials for a domain.

  • Open Dashboard Open the ImprovMX dashboard in your default browser to manage domains and aliases. You'll be logged in automatically through your API key, no need to fiddle with passwords or magic links ✨