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Supercharged productivity

Raycast is a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more.

More AI models

Raycast AI gets more powerful with Anthropic Claude 3, Perplexity and more models

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It’s as easy as installed

Say hello to the Store. A home for Extensions published by our community of Developers using our API. Find extensions to the tools you use in your day-to-day.

One up your productivity

On top of the core Raycast Extensions already built in, you can install Extensions built by Developers from the community. Everything you’ve asked for, in one place. Search and browse Extensions for your tools, actions and more.

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Lightweight and snappy

Designed to be seamless and instant. View an Extension and hit   to simply install it in milliseconds.

Raycast Action Panel in Action

An evergrowing collection

Control Spotify or Apple Music with a hit of a button. Search through Figma, Notion, and Xcode. Check your internet speed and the weather without needing the browser, or even play a game of Snake.

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Put the Pro
in Productivity

Turn Pro to harness the power of AI, make Raycast your own with custom themes, keep your Macs in sync and more.

Introducing Pro
An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members
An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members
An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members

Always-on ChatGPT

Ask anything, anytime, anywhere. Stuck while programming? Need some copy? Or just have a question - Ask AI.

An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members

Cloud Sync

Keep everything safe and updated across your Macs. Perfect to switch between personal and work setup.

An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members

Custom Themes & more

Make Raycast your own with gorgeous pre-made themes or design your own and share it with the community.

Your Raycast.
Your playground.

Productivity is unique to everyone. Personalization is key. Extend Raycast the way you want to, and build tools for you and your team with the API.

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The Resulting ActionPanel based on the code example

Build what you’ve always wanted

Start building your perfect tools with the Raycast API, and streamline your workflows. Simply create Extensions with ease and publish directly to the Raycast Store seamlessly.

Get started with the integrated developer tools in Raycast and build your first extension in no time.

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Open source community

Build in the open and collaborate with other Developers on yours and their Extensions. Contribute as you’d like, and help others by building on top of existing Extensions.

    Be part of the story

    We listen to our community and build Raycast in collaboration with developers, to build the best product and developer experience across the platform.

    Raycast for Teams

    Keep your team communicating efficiently and building faster with a shared space in Raycast.

    Save time on everyday tasks

    Raycast isn’t just a tool for individuals. It’s also a tool, designed for sharing. From custom extensions, to Quicklinks and Snippets.

    What your team needs to get done, we offer an fabulously rich toolkit to do it swiftly, and at ease with your whole organization in harmony.

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    An example Raycast window showing a grid of fictional team members

    Shared Commands

    Use React and TypeScript to build custom tooling that unlocks teams within your organization to do their best work, at speed. Share them in your private extension store.

    Shared Quicklinks

    Effortlessly share common links with your team, such as project documentation in Notion, GitHub repos, Linear projects, and data dashboards - all with Quicklinks.

    Shared Snippets

    Create consistency with saved support responses, common text such as emails or addresses, and use dynamic placeholders for smart keyword expansion.

    levelled up.

    Make Raycast your own, using the bundle of features available from day one.

    Script Commands

    Write scripts in your favorite programming language to connect to web APIs, control apps, tools, and more.

    Check out more than 600 scripts from the community
    Apple Shortcuts Icon

    Search and run your macOS Shortcuts directly from Raycast. Keeping everything in one place for fast access.

    Search Files

    Search for files and folders the simple way, view metadata, and perform common actions.

    4 greyed out file icons
    System Commands

    Control your Mac with over 20 system commands built in. From turning up or down volume, to emptying your trash, sleep or restarting your system, and much more.

    A list of System Command icons
    Copied Note to clipboard!
    Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. "And to our future. No matter who it may take us up against or where."
    Letter T
    Floating Notes

    Floating Notes are a quick way to jot down a thought while working on something else. Always handy when you need it.


    Open links in the browser, folders in the terminal or projects in any text editor. And search the web much more efficiently.

    Use queries to perform searches on Google, Dribbble or other websites, like below.

    Example of a Quicklink

    Solve simple math expressions, convert units, check timezones, calculate differences between days, months, and years, and do much more in natural language. Copy the answer to your clipboard to carry on with what you were doing before.

    time in dubai + 2 hours
    time in dubai + 2 hours
    Use "time in dubai + 2 hours" with...
    Google IconGoogle
    Dictionary IconDictionaryDictionary
    Search Files IconSearch FilesSearch Files
    Window Management

    Clean up your window mess with handy commands for organizing your desktop on the fly and resizing app windows.

    Tiled list of window management icons showing the different options Raycast allows for window management
    Launch Apps

    Launch and switch app windows with just a few keystrokes. Quit running ones, copy details, search menu items and more.

    Example of Raycast window with an item with a keyboard shortcut set to launch it
    Clipboard History

    Search for text, images, files, links and colors that you copied earlier and paste it again. Pin your frequently used items to access them quicker.


    Write faster by inserting frequently typed text such as canned emails, code pieces and more. Use keywords to auto-expand snippets in-place.

    A screenshot of Raycast showing the My Schedule command
    Calendar Icon
    My Schedule

    Never miss another meeting. Join Zoom, Google Meet, Around meetings, and more, without digging around for a link and jump straight in to your calls. Check your upcoming schedule, block focus time or get an overview of your daily plan.

    list of meeting service icons

    More focus, less clutter.

    Keep your workspace centralized, clean and tidy. Engineered with performance and your privacy in mind.

    A Lock IconSecurity by default, always

    Everything is stored encrypted on your local disk, and nothing sensitive is tracked. You and your personal data stay anonymous.

    An icon resembling a computer chipMake it your own, tailor it to you

    Enable the built-in extensions for an initial productivity boost. Use script commands and our API to build custom extensions to optimize your workflow.

    An icon resembling a terminal inputLearn once, remember forever

    Inspired by the command line interface, your tools are unified as commands, and follow the same structure to make you more productive.

    An icon resembling a clockPerform tasks in a matter of seconds

    Raycast is built natively to be faster, lightweight, and efficient. Every action is optimized for speed and accessibility.

    Ready for take-off?

    Download the Raycast app and start taking your productivity to new heights.

    macOS 12+
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