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Control and view your Tesla
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Control and view your Tesla

How to Get API Key

  1. Create a account on Tessie (not affiliated) https://www.tessie.com
  2. Go through the account creation/Tesla link process
  3. Get your API key at the following link https://my.tessie.com/settings/api
  4. Plug in your API key and VIN for the car you want to control/view

Available Commands

  • Honk your horn
  • Fart/Emissions Test
  • Flash the lights
  • Enable/Disable Sentry Mode
  • Enable/Disable Climate Control
  • Open/Close your Chargeport Door
  • Start/Stop charging
  • View charging history
  • View drive history


  • Tesla API does not return rendered images of your car, so you must choose an image to display as your car