People Directory

An easy way to explore your company employees



Get Started

Begin by running the following command in your CLI

npx create-raycast-extension -t people-directory

Within a startup, it can be hard to stay on top of your growing employee base. This extension makes it easy to discover your colleagues.

The template uses Notion's template for a people directory. As a first step, use the Notion template.

Then, you need to create a Notion integration with the "Read content" capability. Make sure to copy the token. Now, go to your people directory database in Notion and add the integration. This gives the integration read access to just this page.

Afterward, use the above command to scaffold the template. When you run the command for the first time, it asks you for the token. Additionally, you need to enter the database ID of the people directory in Notion, which you can find in the URL.

Then, you should be able to search for people. As next steps, you can start adding your team colleagues.