Daily Active Users Dashboard

Keep an eye on your startup's growth



Get Started

Begin by running the following command in your CLI

npx create-raycast-extension -t dashboard

Whether you work on a side project, a hot startup, or an established company, you are always interested in your growth rate. Use this template to keep an eye on your growing user base.

The template is connected to Amplitude and shows the current daily active user count in Raycast. Additionally, it shows the monthly growth.

To start, scaffold the template with the above command. Afterward, find your project's API credentials.

Next, build and run the extension. Raycast prompts you to enter your API key and secret key. Afterward, you see your top metric in Raycast. Use Raycast's Action Panel (⌘ + K) to favorite the command. This way, it stays on the top of the root search and acts as a daily reminder.

As next steps, you can show additional metrics in Raycast, f.e. last month's cohort retention or the visitor count of your website.