Bug Tracker

Keep a record of bugs across your platform, and log new issues.



Get Started

Begin by running the following command in your CLI

npx create-raycast-extension -t bug-tracker

Every product has bugs, and it's essential to keep track of them to make fixing them easier for the engineering team. Quick feedback loops make a product better and users happier.

The template uses Airtable's Bug Tracker template.

First, use the Airtable template. Then, go to your account overview to create an API key and copy it. Scaffold the template with the above terminal command. When you launch the extension for the first time, use the copied API Key and get the Id of your base (last part of the URL).

Then, you should be able to report new bugs. The bugs follow a standard format, making it easy for colleagues to stay on top of problems. As next steps, you can connect the form to your issue tracker and adjust the form to your specific workflow.