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Pipe Commands

Pipe your selection or clipboard to custom scripts defined in any language.
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Raycast Pipe Commands

Using Pipe Commands

Select / Copy some text and use the Pipe [Selection, Clipboard] to Command command.

Adding Additional Pipe Commands

Use the Create Script Command command to generate a new script command, then change the @raycast.mode value to pipe.

The Pipe command syntax is very similar to the script command syntax, with some caveats:

  • The mode field must be set to pipe.
  • The refreshTime, argument1, argument2, argument3 fields are not supported and will be ignored.
  • A new input field is available to specify the input type. It can be text (default), file or tab.

mode illustration

Pipe Mode Logic

The user input (text selection or clipboard) will be passed as stdin. If it is not empty, the standard output stream of the script will be copied to the clipboard or replace the current selection depending on the user choice.

Supported Script Commands

The silent script commands with a single argument are supported. The user input will be used as first argument to the script.

Example Commands

Google Search


# @raycast.schemaVersion 1
# @raycast.title Google Search
# @raycast.packageName Web Searches
# @raycast.mode silent
# @raycast.icon 🌐
# @raycast.argument1 {"type": "text", "percentEncoded": true, "placeholder": "Query"}

# Open the url in the default browser
open "https://www.google.com/search?q=$1"

Format JSON


# @raycast.schemaVersion 1
# @raycast.title Prettify JSON
# @raycast.packageName Developer Utils
# @raycast.mode pipe
# @raycast.inputType text
# @raycast.icon 🔨

python3 -m json.tool --indent 2