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Ollama AI

Perform Local Inference with Ollama
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Chat with OllamaChat with Ollama

Chat with Ollama

Change Tone to CasualChange Tone to Casual

Make selected text more casual

Explain Code Step by StepExplain Code Step by Step

Explain the selected code step by step

Change Tone to ConfidentChange Tone to Confident

Make selected text more confident

Explain This in Simple TermsExplain This in Simple Terms

Explain selected text in simple terms

Fix Spelling and GrammarFix Spelling and Grammar

Fix selected text from spelling and grammar error

Change Tone to FriendlyChange Tone to Friendly

Make selected text more friendly

Describe Content of ImageDescribe Content of Image

Describe content of the image on the clipboard or selected from finder

Get Text from ImageGet Text from Image

Get text from image on the clipboard or selected from finder

Improve WritingImprove Writing

Improve writing of selected text

Make LongerMake Longer

Make selected text longher

Change Tone to ProfessionalChange Tone to Professional

Make selected text more professional

Make ShorterMake Shorter

Make selected text shorter


Translate selected text

Rephrase as TweetRephrase as Tweet

Rephrase selected text as Tweet

Manage ModelsManage Models

Manage installed models

Create Custom CommandCreate Custom Command

Create a custom command

Custom CommandCustom Command

Create a custom command using a quicklinks