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Add new Kimai time log from Raycast
AvatarMarin Markovic
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This Raycast extension lets you quickly add new time log to Kimai and view amount of hours logged today in menu bar.


  • Create new time log
  • View amount of hours logged today in menu bar



To connect the extension to your Kimai instance you need to add the following settings.

  • Request protocol: Protocol to be used to make API requests. If you are using local (self hosted) Kimai, set it to 'http', otherwise keep it as 'https'.
  • Kimai Domain: The domain of your Kimai instance like your-organization.kimai.cloud.
  • Email: Email you use to login into Kimai
  • API Password: Password different from password you use to login into Kimai. You need to create it in your API Access settings.
  • Default time log duration (in minutes): Duration that will be used to prepopulate duration field when adding new time log

You can find your settings by going to https://{your-organization}.kimai.cloud/en/profile/{your-email}/api-token or

  1. Open Kimai dashboard
  2. Click on your username
  3. Open Password
  4. Open API Access