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Bring Linear to every corner of your Mac. Create, search, and modify your issues. Stay on top of your notifications in the menu bar.
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Create IssueCreate Issue

Create and assign new issues.

Search IssuesSearch Issues

Search issues globally in all projects.

Assigned IssuesAssigned Issues

View and modify issues that are assigned to you.

Created IssuesCreated Issues

View and modify issues that you have created.

Active CycleActive Cycle

View and modify issues that are in the active cycle.

Search ProjectsSearch Projects

Explore projects for your Linear team.

Create ProjectCreate Project

Create projects for your Linear team.


Read your latest Linear notifications.

Unread NotificationsUnread Notifications

Show unread notifications in the Menu Bar.

Create Issue for MyselfCreate Issue for Myself

Create and assign a new issue to yourself.

Quick Add Comment to IssueQuick Add Comment to Issue

Quickly add a comment to an issue using its ID.


Browse through your Linear favorites.