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Bitwarden Vault

Access a Bitwarden account. Requires installing the Bitwarden CLI.
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Bitwarden Vault

Access your Bitwarden vault directly from Raycast

🔎   Search your vault   📋   Copy and paste any field   🔑   Generate passwords and TOTP codes   ⭐   Mark items as favorites


Before you're able to use this extension, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 0 (arm64 only) - Install the Bitwarden CLI

⚠️ If you have an Intel-based Mac (x64 architecture), you can skip this step and the CLI will be downloaded for you. You only need to complete this if you're using a arm-based Mac, meaning you have an Apple M1/2/3 Pro/Max/Ultra chip. You can check this by going to the top left  Apple menu > About This Mac or by executing uname -m in the terminal and checking for arm64.

We are working on removing this step and doing it for you 🙂

Option 1 (Preferred) - Using Homebrew
brew install bitwarden-cli
Option 2 - Using npm
npm install -g @bitwarden/cli

which bw # add the result to the Bitwarden CLI Path option in the extension settings¹

¹ How to access the extension settings: Go to Actions (K) → Configure Extension

For more information, please refer to the official help center.

Step 1 - Set your account's API secrets

1.1 - Get the secrets from your account security settings (View API Key button). For more information check the official documentation

1.2 - Paste the secrets in the corresponding fields the first time you use the extension or in the extension settings.

You're all set! 🎉

Self-hosted Instance

This extension connects to Bitwarden-hosted servers by default, but can be configured to use a self-hosted Bitwarden instance instead. If the self-hosted Bitwarden server requires a self-signed TLS certificate, add the path to the extension settings.


The extension relies on the Bitwarden CLI, so every security consideration that applies to the CLI applies to the extension as well. See https://bitwarden.com/help/article/cli-security/ for more information.


Out of the box, the extension caches the visible and non-sensitive part of your vault to ensure faster access. Secrets like passwords, identity fields, credit card information, secret notes and others sensitive data are never saved. Even though the cache will never have any sensitive information, the data is also encrypted with a key derived from your master password.

If you wish to disable the caching feature, you can always do so in the extension preferences.