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Search R Packages

Search and lookup information about R packages using r-pkg.org.

Search r-pkg.org

A Raycast extension to search for R packages using METACRAN on r-pkg.org.

Search for R packages

Searches METACRAN for R packages and provides quick access to package links and to the R code required to install the package.

Package search with a list of packages matching tidyverse.

Package descriptions

View the package description, dependencies, and key stats within Raycast when you press Cmd + .

Package description with imports, dependencies, check status and more.

Shortcuts and settings

Open package links in the browser

Opens the default link, configurable in the extension settings. All options are available in the actions menu:
  • Homepage
  • CRAN
  • Source repository
  • Bug Reports
  • CRAN check results
Opens the package page on r-pkg.org
Opens the package description inside Raycast

Copy package links

.Copies the CRAN link
,Copies the home or the repo links if present

Copy the installation command for the package

CCopies the base-R install.packages() command
CCopies the installation command of an alternate package manager (configurable in the extension settings):

You can reverse the installation command shortcuts by choosing the Default Package Installation Method in the extension settings.