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Toggl Track

Start and stop time entries with Toggl Track
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Raycast Toggl Track Extension

Getting started

To use this extension, you need your Toggl Track API Token. This can be found on the bottom of your profile in toggle Track: https://track.toggl.com/profile


Show the running time entry and stop it

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 01 57 00

The running time entry is always visible on the top of the window with its duration, description, and project. It is easily stopped by clicking on it or using the enter command.

Start a new time entry

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 01 55 14
  • Add project
  • Add description
  • Add tags

Resume a recent time entry

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 01 58 44

The extension lists out recent time entries and allows you to resume them.

Multiple workspaces and clients

The extension supports multiple workspaces and clients out of the box, and will group projects by both. This resembles how projects are grouped when selecting them on the official web app (https://track.toggl.com).

Cached resources

The extension caches projects, workspaces, tags and recent projects from Toggl Track, to spare internet bandwidth and unnecessary loading!

Planned features

  • Edit the ongoing time entry
  • Weekly report
  • Project stats