v1.9.0March 8, 2021

⚙️ New Extensions Preferences

Extension Preferences

We've revamped the Extensions tab in Preferences, making it easier to search and manage your commands and scripts. You can also set aliases and hotkeys right from this list (Note: The shortcuts tab was removed since it's no longer needed).

🔢 Calculator


We've added a bunch of little upgrades to our already powerful calculator. It now shows you more context when making calculations, and a last updated timestamp on currencies.

For example, typing 400+200 will show 600 as normal, but now with the written version in the label. Currencies now show the name of the currency, and timezones will show the absolute time as extra context, plus many more!

✨ New

  • History: Press in an empty root search to navigate through previously searched terms. Previous calculations and scripts with arguments are supported as well.

💎 Improvements

  • Navigation: Pressing the delete (backspace) key to go back now also work on screens without a search bar
  • Reminders: "Create Reminder" command now supports draft mode. Your changes won't be lost if you go back to root search while having an unfinished reminder.
  • Added an action to show info in Finder for apps in the root search
  • Added an action to open a script command after it was created
  • Added an action to duplicate a script command and open it in the default editor
  • Improved support for Chinese and other non-latin character sets in the root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue that might have caused scripts to not finish properly in fullOutput mode
  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue where the package name isn't set when creating a new command
  • Script Commands: Fixed issues with terminal codes to support UTF16 character handling.
  • Asana: Fixed an issue with descriptions not rendering newlines properly
  • Root Search: Fixed an edge case where items with assigned single-letter aliases could not be found in the root search
  • File Search: Fixed some edge cases and an issue where search terms with double quotes did not work
  • Fixed an issue where Raycast sometimes didn't restart after updates