v1.70.0March 20, 2024

🌐 Companion Browser Extension

A lot of the interactions with our computers happen in a web browser. With our new companion Chrome Extension, Raycast can bring the context of any webpage to Raycast AI and make it easy to summarize or ask questions about your active browser tab. You can now also follow-up on that answer about the webpage, or any other answer you get back from Quick AI.


✨ New

  • Quick AI: Follow-up enables you to continue the conversation right in the Raycast window
  • AI Chat: Pin your favorite chats in the sidebar for quick access

💎 Improvements

  • Snippets: Improved snippets reliability and performance. We have been fine-tuning the engine for snippet injection lately to deliver the best performance. Please let us know if you experience any issues in the latest version
  • AI Chat: Quickly switch between the first ten chats with ⌘1, ⌘2, etc.
  • AI Chat: When continuing a chat from Quick AI, the chat is now automatically saved with a generated title
  • AI Chat: The minimum window width has been reduced
  • Search Contacts: Contacts are now sorted based on default user preference
  • My Schedule: Add action to list and copy information about specific attendees

🐞 Fixes

  • Date Picker: Fixed the suggestions being off by 1 week in some cases
  • Search Menu Items: Updated the search to be diacritic insensitive
  • Window Management: Fixed an issue where a window that cannot be resized was not being moved to the requested position
  • AI Chat: Direct paste to other applications now works correctly
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the Snippets sub-menu would not expand
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the Snippets sub-menu would not close after inserting a snippet
  • Settings: Fixed a bug which prevented setting hotkeys which also existed in application’s main menu
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts would sometimes not be handled in the active window
  • Misc: Fixed an issue preventing the URL from being copied when using the 'Copy Link' item in the contextual menu
  • Misc: Fixed insertion point caret appearing duplicated in some instances