v1.68.0February 21, 2024

✨ Quality of Life Improvements

While we're working on bigger features, enjoy this release with a few small but nice improvements.


💎 Improvements

  • Clipboard History: Highlight matches of the search text to make it easier to find what you are looking for
  • Snippets: You can use “Search Snippets” as a fallback command now
  • Snippets: Allow up to 5k snippets
  • Search Menu Items: You can now pin menu items
  • Calculator: Introduced calendar calculations for special days like "days until Christmas" and "Chinese New Year 2025”
  • Calculator: Added support for the detection of new color formats (HWB, Lab, LCH) as well as actions to copy a color to those formats
  • Clipboard History: Added a new action to share an item with the native macOS Share extensions
  • About Raycast: You can now click the version number and copy it to the clipboard

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Fixed issue fetching currencies right after importing settings & data or wiping your database
  • Eject All Disks: Improved handling of APFS volumes
  • Preferences: Improved stability of extensions management
  • Snippets: Fixed cursor jumping to the end of the text when focused
  • Snippets: Fixed ⌘+A not working after focus
  • Snippets: Improved regex performance