v1.67.0February 7, 2024

💬 Smarter AI Chat

AI Chat now has the same access to real-time web results as Quick AI. This allows you to make a series of requests with accurate, up-to-date web-results and combine these queries to perform more complex research.

Note: AI Chat is a part of our paid PRO subscription


💎 Improvements

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Allow passing an empty string as the default value of an {argument} placeholder
  • AI Chat: Configuration button has moved to the bottom action bar
  • Quick AI: Response images are now resized to fit in the window.
  • AI Chat / Quick AI: Added a “Save Image” action to save any response images to the Finder
  • Store: Visually improved the look of Disabled by default so it’s easier to spot disabled commands in the extensions commands list.
  • Application Hotkey: improved the behavior for minimized applications

🐞 Fixes

  • AI Commands: Fixed the inline code being wrongly highlighted when using “Highlight editing changes”
  • Snippets: Fixed expansion of snippets containing {argument} placeholders within Raycast itself
  • Fixed issues getting the selected text from Google Docs
  • Fixed an issue where the Raycast window would disappear when getting the selected text from Electron apps when Stage Manager is enabled
  • Force terminate apps if regular terminate doesn’t work on the “Restart Application” logic.