v1.66.0January 24, 2024

📝 Dynamic Snippet Argument

Ever wanted to be able to tweak part of a snippet just before expanding it? The {argument} placeholder is now available in snippets as well, making it easy to have different “slots” in addition to the {cursor} placeholder.

Release-snippetarguments-v1 66 0

✨ New

  • Dynamic Placeholder: You can now specify “modifiers” to change the value of a placeholder, eg. {clipboard | uppercase} would change “raycast” into “RAYCAST”.
  • New action to restart applications in the root search. Press K on a running application and search for “Restart Application” or simply press R.
  • Another new action, this time to disable commands from the root search. Search for “Disable Command” in any command’s action panel, or press D. If you change your mind, you can re-enable any command from Extension Settings.

💎 Improvements

  • Application Uninstaller: Uninstalling big applications is now much faster and you can adjust the list sorting.
  • Applications: added an option to modify the behavior of app-specific hotkeys when the application is the frontmost upon activation - hide it (default) or keep it frontmost.
  • Clipboard: Added secondary action to copy the edited entry after saving it.
  • Emoji: Added "caps lock" keyword for ⇪ and "shift" for ⇧.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calendar Status Item: Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to join a meeting from the menu bar if Open camera before meetings was enabled.