v1.64.0December 13, 2023

🎁 Raycast Wrapped 2023


It's time to reflect on your productivity over the past year. Get insights on Raycast launches, AI usage, top extensions and applications, time spent on meetings, developer stats, and a lot more!

Get a better understanding of how you’ve used Raycast, broken down by the hour, what features you use the most, and maybe some features you’re missing out on.

Post a snapshot of your stats and summary by clicking Copy as Image in each section, then paste your media to share.

Disclaimer: Most of the data displayed is stored locally, and Raycast does not have access to it. If you moved between machines during the year, some of the data might have been lost. If you’ve used Raycast for less than 30 days, you will not have enough data to be displayed – but there’s always next year!

✨ New

  • AI Commands: Highlight edits in the AI response by enabling this option via “Create AI Command” or edit existing ones
  • AI Commands: Argument placeholders can now specify a list of options to choose from.
  • Script Commands: Introduced a new Argument type: dropdown. You can now specify a list of options to choose from.

💎 Improvements

  • Improved contrast of highlights in the “Fix Spelling and Grammar” AI Command.
  • Camera preview: The window will remain visible even when losing focus.
  • Font: Upgrading Raycast font to Inter 4.0.
  • Script Commands: Deprecate = true in favor of Argument.type = "password" to match the syntax of Extensions.
  • Modifier keys will now be displayed in their canonical order.

🐞 Fixes

  • Preferences: Fixed alias getting cleared if a conflicting alias was added to another command.
  • Quicklinks: Resolve crash occurring sporadically when opening a Quicklink.
  • Workspace: Addressed an issue where Raycast might open a duplicate of an application with a different name, instead of the intended application.
  • Floating Notes: Fixed floating notes window stealing focus of other applications in some circumstances.
  • Calculator: Fixed a crash when trying to compute -1!.
  • Calculator: Fixed a crash when trying to compute 150!.
  • Markdown: Fixed a crash when trying to display some HTML comments.
  • Snippets: Fixed situations where snippets were not being expanded in the middle of a paragraph.
  • Misc: Fixed a rare bug that might have caused the mouse cursor to appear on the screen when watching videos in full screen (e.g., YouTube).