v1.62.0November 15, 2023

🤝 Referral Program


We all keep sharing Raycast with our friends. So why not get something for it? Today, we announce our Referral Program. Simply open the "Share Raycast" command and share a referral code with your friends. When someone signs up with one of your codes, they get a free month of Raycast Pro, and so do you!

Note: The "Share Raycast" command is only available for Raycast Pro subscribers.

✨ New

  • Make Rise your default calendar to open events in it. Set it up via Raycast Preferences → Extensions → My Schedule → Default Application

💎 Improvements

  • Calculator: Added support for calculations involving octal (base-8) numbers.
  • Calculator: Add some additional constants (tau and phi)

🐞 Fixes

  • Calendar: Fixed an issue that caused My Schedule to think no calendars were enabled even though they had been.
  • Quick AI: Fixed an issue where the “Searching the web…” animation would show up when we really meant that OpenAI is down and we were falling back to another AI Model.
  • Misc: When composing text in languages such as Japanese, Raycast should now always ignore the Enter key.
  • Search: Fixed a rare issue where Application search scopes would use an incorrect home directory path.
  • File Search: Fixed an issue where sometimes the Raycast would be activated when the search results update.
  • Toast: Improved the readability of Toast HUD text in light mode.
  • Toast: The Toast HUD should now always appear on the same screen as the Raycast window.
  • Settings: Fixed an issue where alerts might appear in the wrong window when right-clicking on an item and performing an action.