v1.59.0September 21, 2023

🖥️ Sonoma ready


Raycast is ready for the release of macOS Sonoma next week. In Sonoma, you can add websites to the Dock from Safari's File menu. Your web apps are available in Raycast like any other app 🎉

💾 Scheduled Exports (Pro)

Scheduled Exports back up your Settings, Quicklinks, Snippets, Notes, AI Chats, and Raycast data, just like the command Export Settings & Data. Pro users can now set a schedule to back up their Raycast configuration automatically. You can also define how many backups they want to keep. Exports complement Cloud Sync, providing a complete local backup of your Raycast configuration.

To schedule exports, open Raycast Settings → Advanced → Configure Export Schedule.

💎 Improvements

  • My Schedule: Icon is now dynamically showing the current date.
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Automatically set the selection in the right place when inserting a placeholder.

🐞 Fixes

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the auto-completion suggestions weren’t updating when deleting a character.
  • Dynamic Placeholders: Fixed an issue where the auto-completion suggestions would show an empty list.
  • Screenshots: Enumerating screenshots is now more resilient to failures.
  • Root Search: Remove leak of internal/experimental commands in suggestions.
  • Root Search: Support searching apps by English names when using a non-English language.
  • Misc: Pasting multiple items into another app no longer erroneously includes previous clipboard contents.