v1.58.0September 6, 2023

🛠️ Bug fixes and improvements


💎 Improvements

  • Quick AI: The initial query will now properly be added to the history.
  • AI: Chat now inherits model and creativity when opening a command in AI Chat.
  • Pro Plan: Added hints for subscription-related problems.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed the Uninstall action showing the wrong app name for certain apps.
  • Fixed the "in 2 week" date suggestion being off by one week.
  • AI: Fixed missing user message when copying chat as an image.
  • AI: Fixed syntax highlighting when copying chat as an image.
  • AI: Fixed incorrect message separator when copying chat as text.
  • AI: Fixed regenerate action for commands in AI Chat.
  • Launch At Login: Fixed problems with permissions preventing Raycast from starting at login.