v1.57.0August 9, 2023

💬 Raycast Translator (Pro)


Announcing the Raycast Translator - the quickest way to translate. Simply type or dictate your text, and the language will be detected automatically. It supports over 100 languages and you can even listen to the translated text to learn how to say it. Why not give it a try?! Viel Spaß!

Note: The command is part of our paid Pro subscription. You can use the Google Translate or Deepcast extensions as free alternatives.

✨ New

  • AI: Continue your “Translate” command translations in the AI Chat to add more context.

💎 Improvements

  • GPT-4 subscription: added an option to cancel a subscription on the account settings page.
  • Window Switcher: Pre-select the last active window.
  • Snippets: Reduce default time inserting snippet content.
  • Calendar: Pause auto-refresh on sleep, and resume it on wake up.
  • Calendar: Add a new CSS4 option to copy a color (following the new format rgb(red green blue / alpha))

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Reduce rank of exact name matching for entries with 3 letters or less (e.g. AI).
  • Root Search: Improved app running indicator to properly differentiate between apps that have the same bundleID (such as Xcode and Xcode Beta).
  • Extensions: Fixed a bug where extension passwords would sometimes not appear in settings after syncing.
  • Script Commands: Fixed a bug where script command aliases, hotkeys and disabled commands which not sync correctly if the client’s macOS username was not the same.
  • File Search: Fixed a bug where some files would not appear in directory listings.