v1.56.0July 27, 2023

💫 GPT-4 Everywhere on Your Mac


Well, your Mac just got even smarter with GPT-4! Upgrade to OpenAI's most capable model to use it in Raycast's AI Chat and AI Commands. The model is great for tasks that require more creativity or advanced reasoning.

Note: GPT-4 is a paid add-on of Raycast Pro, priced at $8 per month when billed annually. This add-on will be available for Teams soon.

✨ New

  • AI Chat Deeplinks: You can create links to any AI Chat conversation via the Copy Chat Deeplink action. Together with Quicklinks, you can now include specific chats in Raycast’s root search.

💎 Improvements

  • Calculator: The color detection matches the CSS spec more closely (meaning it can now detect colors like rgb(255 10 50 / 50%).
  • Flight Tracker: Terminal info is now displayed in the flight tracker detail view.
  • Emoji & Symbols: Updated the grid layout. The small size is more compact, and the large size has been refined.
  • Snippets: Increase Snippets keywords limit to 30 characters.
  • AI-Commands: Built-in commands now use gpt-3.5-turbo model with up to 16k context
  • AI: Added scroll to bottom button in Quick AI and AI Chat
  • AI: Improved auto-scrolling behavior to prevent messages from being hidden during response generation

🐞 Fixes

  • Window Switcher: Remove duplicate entries.
  • Settings: Fixed bug regarding Raycast not launching at Login.
  • AI Chat: PageUp and PageDown now work correctly