v1.55.0July 6, 2023

✒️ Highlighting of Changes


The Fix Spelling and Grammar AI Command has been subtly updated and now highlights the changes it has made. This highlighting helps you to identify if your original text has been corrected. It's just a small quality of life improvement.

✨ New

  • AI Chat: Added a Clear Chat action to clear all messages in the current chat.

💎 Improvements

  • Dynamic Placeholders: Parsing errors are now highlighted inline. Hovering the error provides more information about the issue.
  • Export: We no longer included app metadata in the rayconfig file when Settings export is disabled.
  • Performance: Improved performance for opening Raycast after pressing the hotkey

🐞 Fixes

  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where the chat would jump to the bottom when completing.
  • AI Chat: Chats are now saved correctly after running an Ask AI command.
  • AI Chat: Performance improvements when loading the chat actions menu.
  • AI Commands: Hotkeys and aliases should now sync correctly for built-in commands.
  • Settings: Quick AI settings now update correctly after syncing changes.
  • Export: Fixed a bug where the Export Settings & Data primary action could be incorrectly disabled.