v1.54.0June 22, 2023

✨ Raycast AI Goodies

New improvements make Raycast AI more powerful, allowing you to customize it to your needs and have it in sync across all your Macs.


  • Customize AI Chat: Configure the creativity and system prompt of AI chats to create personal assistants, such as for programming
  • Capture Context: Use the Send to AI Chat command to quickly capture selected text. It's perfect for adding content from different apps and websites to your chat
  • Cloud Sync: Your AI Chats are now synced across all your Macs, making it easy to start a conversation on one and continue it on another

⚡ New Snippet Injection Engine

We’ve re-written the Snippets Injection Engine from the ground up to make it more reliable and performant and consume less resources. We have also added better support for the {cursor} placeholder and improved the injection cancellation behavior.

✨ New

  • Calendar: My Schedule now has pagination, allowing you to load more than just next month’s events. We actually released this in 1.53.0, but forgot to add it to the changelog 🤷‍♀️

💎 Improvements

  • Quicklinks: Added an Open With… action to quickly open a link with a custom application
  • Search Emoji: Added actions to move pinned items up and down the list
  • Search Emoji: The Frequently Used algorithm is now smarter and should more accurately reflect your usage
  • Search Emoji: You can now search for emoji using the unicode value e.g. U+1F642
  • Export: AI Chats and custom themes are now included in rayconfig exports

🐞 Fixes

  • Snippets: Fixed double snippet injection issues when on immediate default mode
  • Snippets: Enable/Disable snippet injection after manual changes in the System Settings
  • Settings: “Battery” and “Headphones” System Settings commands now work correctly on Ventura
  • Search Emoji: Fixed actions for the Paste with Skin Tone… and Copy with Skin Tone… actions
  • AI Chat: Deleting text in the composer should no longer stall or lag
  • Contacts: Fixed crashes when two contacts have the same identifier
  • Calendar: Fixed event list not updating when an event was deleted or created