v1.52.0May 24, 2023

😱 New Emojis


It’s time to express yourself with a new set of emojis. Now available in the built-in Emoji Picker that you can use across all apps. We recommend assigning a hotkey, e.g. Space.

Note: macOS 13.3 or later is required for emoji 15.0

✨ New

  • AI Chat: Added the new action “Copy Chat as Image” to quickly create a shareable image of the conversation
  • Theme Studio: Themes now sync between all your Macs if you have Cloud Sync enabled [Pro Plan required].

💎 Improvements

  • Emoji: The inline emoji picker now uses the same alias names as Slack and Github, for example: :smile:
  • Theme Studio: Added filter for dark/light themes
  • Theme Studio: The color indicators in the inspector now have borders to improve accessibility
  • Theme Studio: Added markdown example with a code block in the preview
  • AI Chat: Format user messages in Markdown
  • AI Chat: Enabled auto-scroll when selecting text.
  • AI Chat: Disabled smart quotes and smart dashes in the assistant response.
  • AI Chat: Chat text now respects the app text size setting.
  • AI Chat: Chat is now auto-saved after the first assistant response.
  • AI Commands: More reliable capturing of selected text in apps like Spark
  • AI Commands: Respect new lines for Direct Paste/Insert

🐞 Fixes

  • AI Chat: Fixed an issue where E and A would scroll instead of moving the cursor
  • AI Chat: Make toast respect active custom theme
  • AI Chat: Fixed inline code block rendering.
  • AI Chat: Selecting text in the chat no longer steals focus from the composer**.**
  • Emoji: Favorites now respect the chosen skin tone.
  • Define Word: Fixed an issue where history wouldn’t be displayed
  • Themes: Fixed an issue that might have caused displaying the wrong theme for system appearance
  • Pro Plan: Fixed problems with subscription management.
  • Store: Fixed installation of extensions when directly from in-browser Store
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where the Command Palette would sometimes not dismiss after showing a submenu.