v1.49.0March 29, 2023

🎨 Color Detection


Now you can enter color values in the Root Search to see a preview. An action lets you quickly copy it in other formats, such as HEX, HSL, RGB, NSColor and so on. Try it out: #FF6363.

🤖 Improvements for Raycast AI Beta


Raycast AI unlocks the power of AI on your Mac. We’ve been working with our beta users to improve the experience over the last few weeks. Today, we are releasing three new features, plus some minor fixes. Join the waitlist to supercharge your productivity.

Separate Window

You can now open Raycast AI in a separate, resizable window that stays on top of other apps. This makes it the perfect companion for your workday. To enable the separate window, go to Raycast Settings → Extensions → Raycast AI.

💡 Pro tip: Assign a global hotkey to the “Ask AI” command to quickly focus the chat.


Chats are saved in history, so you can pick up where you left off. For example, writing your next hit iOS app. To access previous conversations, press ⌘ + P in the Ask AI command. To start a new one, press ⌘ + N.

Quick Paste/Insert

AI Commands can paste or insert their AI-generated text directly into the frontmost application. To replace your selected text, just press ⌘ + ↵ when launching an AI Command. Or, press ⌥ + ↵ to insert the generated text below the selection.

✨ New

  • File Search: Additional applications are shown in the Open With action.
  • Script Command Deeplinks: Launch any script command from outside of Raycast using Deeplinks: raycast://script-command/<slugified-file-name-without-extension>. Learn more in the manual.

💎 Improvements

  • AI: Use search term as default instruction for ad-hoc AI Commands.
  • AI: Add separator when copying formatted chat.
  • AI: Improve behavior of Regenerate Response action.
  • AI: Add action to copy code blocks of the last response.
  • Clipboard History: Add save action for text and images.
  • Dictionary: Permit customizing default action.
  • Root Search: Parallels apps are now automatically discovered and can be opened in the respective VM.

🐞 Fixes

  • AI: Fix missing actions for favorites in Root Search.
  • AI: Fix an issue with selection being reset when text is generating
  • Dictionary: Remove extra characters in the word list.
  • Snippets: Support placeholders in curly brackets.