v1.46.0January 18, 2023

✈️ Flight Tracker

Flight tracking is now one of the core capabilities of Raycast. A lot like quickly getting the answer to a calculation or conversion question, enter any flight code in Raycast (e.g. DL234, KL1620 or LH962) search bar to immediately get real-time information about that flight, including up-to-date information on departure and arrival times, flight status, and when in flight, the approximate position of the plane in a new map view.


✨ New

  • Added Toggle Stage Manager command

💎 Improvements

  • Calendar: You can now join video meetings right from Raycast
  • Raycast will now only offer to open Google Meet links in a special browser if the default browser is not already based on Chromium.
  • Bottom-left menu: You can now click on the name of any command in the bottom-left of the Raycast window to quickly access a few links (like accessing the preferences of the command, viewing the README of an extension, etc.)
  • App Uninstaller: Made the Uninstall Application action available for running applications. The running application gets quit before uninstalling it.

🐞 Fixes

  • Window Management: Fixed a bug where the Stage Manager wasn’t respected if only one window was open
  • Clipboard History: Fixed a bug where pasting entries from the history didn’t work in 1Password, Adobe InDesign, and other applications
  • Calculator History: Fixed an issue where some shortcuts wouldn’t work when the action panel was open
  • Date Picker: Fixed an issue where it would show wrong suggestions when typing the day of the week
  • Manage Quicklinks: Metadata now updates correctly after editing a quicklink.
  • File Search: Fixed an issue where the Authorization prompt would sometimes appear even though authorization was already granted.
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl + H/L wouldn’t work in grid views when Vim navigation style is enabled
  • Made the animation of the Toggle Bounce Animation command slower on small displays
  • Fixed a 1px border on the top of screenshots taken with the built-in screenshot tool