v1.45.0December 15, 2022

🎁 Meet your Raycast Wrapped


Take a glance at your productivity over the past year, from launching Raycast, to your use of Extensions and Applications, and visualize your developer stats and time spent in meetings.

Get a better understanding of how you’ve used Raycast, broken down by the hour, what features you use the most, and maybe some features you’re missing out on.

Post a snapshot of your stats and summary by clicking Copy as Image in each section, then paste your media to share.

Disclaimer: Most of the data displayed is stored locally, and Raycast does not have access to it. If you moved between machines during the year, some of the data might have been lost. If you’ve used Raycast for less than 30 days, you will not have enough data to be displayed – but there’s always next year!

✨ New

  • Proxy and Certificates Preferences: Under Raycast Advanced Preferences, you’ll find new preferences for using the internet proxy settings from your system, and for using certificates from the system keychain or a custom location. Most of our existing extensions are already compatible with proxies, with the rest being updated soon. So if you’re behind a corporate proxy or need to use custom certificates and previously had network issues with extensions, try enabling the new settings.
  • Fallback commands: All commands from extensions can now be used as fallback commands!

💎 Improvements

  • System Settings are now grouped separately from Applications under the Extensions tab in Raycast Settings
  • Script Commands: Allow scripts with multiple arguments to be used as fallback commands.
  • Linear, Asana and Hacker News: These three bundled extensions are now open source. The new versions are powered by our API and have more features. You can find them in the Store.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed the File Search Copy action appending a . to the folder’s name
  • Snippets should now expand in Jetbrains products as expected
  • Clipboard History items now displays the correct name application name on every launch