v1.44.0November 23, 2022

⌨️ macOS Shortcuts Improvements

macOS Shortcuts are now more deeply integrated inside Raycast! Their custom icons as well as their folder will be shown in Raycast - and if a shortcut accepts an argument, you will be able to input it right there.

Important: Requires accessibility permission. Raycast will prompt it in the root search or when running any shortcut.


💎 Improvements

  • Calculator History: Improved icons for more calculation types and added actions to copy question or put it in the search bar.
  • Export Settings & Data: You can now edit and view the export password in the command’s preferences.
  • Clipboard: New action to copy formatted JSON in case the previously copied text was a valid JSON.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed high CPU usage bug when users listen for Script Commands in a rapidly changing parent folder (e.g. ~).
  • Fixed a memory leak when viewing images in commands which use the grid view.
  • Snippets: Fixed issues with keyword expansion in some apps
  • Preferences: You can now edit the alias or hotkey of “Next/Previous Display” window management commands even when no external monitor is connected
  • Calculator: Fixed random issues in math calculations for some users