v1.43.0November 9, 2022

🚴 Cycle through Windows


Some Window Management commands got a new superpower. If you repeatedly execute the left, right, top, or bottom half, it will cycle through different sizes. By default, it cycles through ½, ⅔, and ⅓. You can change it to cycle through adjacent displays or display the behavior on the preferences of the Window Management extension.

🔢 Calculator History


Ever wanted to peek into your recent calculations? With the new “Calculator History” command, you can find everything you calculate in Raycast. You can also pin items to keep an eye on changing currency rates or countdown to your favorite event.

✨ New

  • Calculator now supports automatic conversions for most commonly used units, like meters to feet or kilograms to pounds and vice versa.

💎 Improvements

  • Window Management: Respect Stage Manager when present.
  • Screenshots: New Paste Recent Screenshot command to paste the recent screenshot to the frontmost application.
  • Root Search: Application names should be correctly localized even if Spotlight indexing is disabled.
  • Browser Bookmarks: Search supports CJK languages.

🐞 Fixes

  • My Schedule: Fixed an issue where authuser param would be missing in Google Meet URLs
  • Snippets: Cursor placeholder position is now calculated correctly when the snippet contains emoji or other multi-byte characters.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when pasting from the clipboard history, emoji picker or snippets with universal clipboard enabled
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys would be registered incorrectly when using the keypad with an AZERTY keyboard layout.
  • Fixed an issue where the main window sometimes appeared docked in Stage Manager.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented editing alias for some commands in Preferences.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get dropped when opening commands which use the grid view.