v1.41.0October 12, 2022

🔗 Link Previews


Links got visual in Raycast! Copied URLs preview their social card image in the Clipboard History and Manage Quicklinks commands. The preview makes finding what you’re looking for more straightforward, and any additional information got moved below the image.

✨ New

  • Window Management: New commands to resize a window to the top or bottom third or two-thirds.

💎 Improvements

  • Window Management: Windows that are moved between displays now respect the previous aspect ratio. The behavior can be disabled in the preferences of the Previous/Next Display commands.
  • Window Management: Added a new preference on the Move Left/Right/Top/Bottom commands to center the window horizontally/vertically. The preference is turned on by default to keep the previous behavior.
  • Preferences: The error toast that is shown when an alias is used by another command now shows the name of the command to resolve the conflict.
  • AppUpdates: Improved insufficient permissions recovery process

🐞 Fixes

  • Paste: Added a workaround to avoid duplicate content when using Direct Paste into the Messages app.
  • Tag Editor: Now adjusts height correctly when loading initial content.
  • Export: Add some missing preferences to rayconfig export.
  • Search: Finder aliases are now followed when indexing apps.
  • Store: Fixed an issue where the view would sometimes jump to the top when scrolling.
  • Window Management: Made moving and resizing Chrome windows fast again.