v1.38.0July 19, 2022

💅 A fresh look and feel

We announced Raycast to the world almost two years ago. Since then, the design of the macOS app has mostly stayed the same. But many things around it have changed. Today, we’re announcing a fresh look and feel to address the feedback and demand from our growing community.


We’ve made these five changes to make the app even easier and faster to use while maintaining its beauty through simplicity:

  • A bigger search bar to reflect its importance
  • All-new action bar with contextual information
  • Bespoke icon set used across the application
  • Compact Mode for additional focus
  • Fresh app icon that was long overdue

Read more about the changes and why in this blog post.

💎 Improvements

  • Snippets: Added a new UUID placeholder to generate random identifiers.
  • Search Screenshots: You can now opt-in from the command’s preferences to include all media files in the search.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Currency rates are now updated more frequently and can also be manually updated during a currency conversion using the “Refresh Currency Data” action.
  • Calculator: The cursor position is now set to the end of the text after performing “Swap Units” and “Put Answer in Search Bar” actions.
  • Personal Walkthrough: Tasks and Progress are now updated immediately.
  • Snippets: Fixed an issue with mismatching colors from long texts.