v1.37.0June 29, 2022

🤖 Shared Snippets

You can now share Snippets with members of your organization. It's an easy way to share information and frequently used text. Shared snippets are ideal for canned email responses, code, templates or short phrases.

Insert 0xC0C0A in Raycast to activate the beta team features


✨ New

  • Snippets now support custom formats for date placeholders. You can write {date "yyyy-MM-dd"} or use any valid format defined on the Unicode date patterns here.
  • You can now import snippets from a JSON file. Search for Import Snippets command. Learn more about the supported format here.
  • You can now opt-in to create a Quicklink even faster as we automatically fill the form based on your active browser tab or from your clipboard.

🤳🏼 Bonus: Rayfie

With this new tool, Raycast takes a photo of Raycast to make sure it’s taken from the best possible angle, use it to share your Raycast experience with others.

Enable it under the advanced tab in preferences.


💎 Improvements

  • Trash: Added preference setting on whether to show a confirmation dialogue when emptying the trash
  • Clipboard: The original clipboard contents are now restored after pasting an emoji, snippet or screenshot into another app.

🐞 Fixes

  • Snippets: Text expansion now works as expected inside terminals of Jetbrains IDEs
  • Clipboard History: Images no longer appear in a different tint when pasted to another app
  • Clipboard History: The source app is now always correctly recorded, even when switching quickly to a new app just after copying.
  • File Search: Resolved a performance issue when scrolling quickly through the results.
  • My Schedule: Searching for words in long titles now works as expected
  • Teams: Reduced network activity required for syncing shared quicklinks and snippets.
  • Screenshot Search: Fixed an issue where the main window could hang briefly after capturing a screenshot
  • macOS Ventura (Beta): Fixed an issue where Raycast would crash when opening the “Search Snippets” command. Also fixed an issue with missing Safari on Beta 2 and a few minor visual bugs.