v1.35.0May 18, 2022

🔍 Find screenshots by text in images

Full text search comes to the Search Screenshots command. It’s now way easier to find that pesky screenshot you knew you captured, but couldn’t locate. Image text is indexed in the background, so the latest results should always be just a few keystrokes away. You can also search by filename or natural language dates, making screenshot search even more powerful.


✨ New

  • Use the new raycast://confetti URL scheme to trigger confetti. Especially handy to spice up those long running scripts.

💎 Improvements

  • Various optimizations that should improve the app’s cold start time, reduce the amount of unnecessary reloads in the root search, and improve search speed in some cases.
  • Team Store: Added “Remove from Store” action for deleting published extensions from the team store.

🐞 Fixes

  • Toggle Hidden Files: now uses global defaults allowing to change AppleShowAllFiles values through the Terminal easier.
  • Declined events aren’t displayed in the menu bar anymore.
  • Snippets: Rich text snippets inserted into browsers and email clients will now have a system font style
  • Clipboard History: Fixed an issue where text copied from some apps was shown as images