v1.31.0March 24, 2022

🧩 Rich Extension Metadata

Preview extensions with screenshots, check out recent extension updates in their Version History ⌘⌥⇧V, and open README’s ⌘⌥⇧R on the new extension page in the Store website, with the new, highly-requested, rich extension metadata.

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🧼 App Uninstaller

Time for a spring clean-up? You can now uninstall applications directly from Raycast. Just hit ⌘K on any app in the root search, and select uninstall application ✨

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✨ New

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  • Confetti: Celebrate all your computer accomplishments with our brand new confetti cannon that Thomas made after Sandy (Head of HR) rejected his actual confetti cannon purchase. Try it out by running the new Confetti command in Raycast, it’s fun! (and Sandy approves 🎉)

💎 Improvements

  • Navigation: Added an option to change the preferred list navigation style under Advanced Preferences. You can now switch between the default macOS or vim style commands.
  • Root Search: Running app activity indicator now respects Dock’s “Show indicator for running apps” preference. When it’s disabled, the indicator will also be hidden in Raycast.
  • File Search: Added a “Create Quicklink” action.
  • File Search: Added ⌘⇧E keyboard shortcut for the “Share” action.
  • Import/Export: Improved Toast error messages when something goes wrong.
  • Forms: Improvements to form validation UI. Validation warnings now appear in the margin or as tooltips avoiding the need to add additional padding between form elements.
  • Memory: Set a lower cache size for images. This may reduce the app’s memory footprint in some cases.

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Fixed an issue where crypto-currency rates would not be updated.