v1.30.0March 9, 2022

🔍 Search far and wide


  • System Preferences: You can now search for specific options in System Preferences and jump directly to them.
  • Clipboard History now supports searching inside images and text files.

💎 Improvements

  • The calculator is smarter now and stays away from view when you perform generic searches.

🐞 Fixes

  • My Schedule: Fixed issue with meeting links not opening in native apps if a preferred browser was set.
  • Export: Fixed an issue where export was not working when extensions were selected.
  • Store: Fixed an edge case where certain installed extensions could not be loaded.
  • File Search: Improved handling of diacritics when entering a search path.
  • Clipboard History: Fixed an issue where Paste to … action would not remove text formatting.
  • Quicklook: Fixed a crash when attempting to switch the preview to full-screen mode.