v1.23.0September 10, 2021

🔍 Customize Fallback Commands


You can now use Quicklinks and Script Commands with single arguments as fallback commands, as well as sort them to fit your needs.

You've probably seen these in Raycast, when your search term doesn't have any matching result. It was a list of pre-defined commands like File Search, Google Search etc. Now, you can customize the list by clicking the new Settings icon, next to the title of the list section.

✨ New

  • Quicklinks now support default values for parameters. Just insert a colon after the placeholder and type your default value. You can learn more about them here
  • Clipboard History: You can now configure applications that you wish to ignore in the clipboard history. By default we already ignore transitive and sensitive information. Head over to Preferences → Extensions → Clipboard History to set it up

💎 Improvements

  • Calculator: Now supports more natural language parsing like "one year ago", "half of 30% of half of 100" and "five minus three"
  • Calculator: Now displays extremely large numbers and small number using scientific notation rather than the previously used SI notation
  • My Schedule: Action panel will have "Join Event" as primary action for today's events
  • My Schedule: Added an "Open in Maps" action for events with a location
  • Quicklinks: Create Quicklink form now permits URLs without a scheme e.g. ""
  • Snippets: Added a warning in the Snippet preferences if another application has enabled "Secure Input" and is blocking snippet expansion
  • Snippets: Expansion now works correctly in Microsoft Outlook
  • Improved performance in the root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Scripts: Invalid script encoding is now detected by Raycast, letting the user re-encode for successful execution (very common in AppleScripts after using the Script Editor)
  • Bookmarks: Full-disk access is only requested when strictly necessary (e.g. if Safari is selected as targeted browser)
  • Jira: Better handling of "No cloud id available" error during authorization
  • Root Search now detects URLs more reliably and helps you open in browser or create a Quicklink easily.
  • Fixed an issue with hotkeys not working in some rare cases by improving detection of keyboard layout changes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in a background
  • Fixed a bug where the pasted content in the clipboard history wasn't up-ranked
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent new apps, script commands and quicklinks from appearing in Root Search
  • Fixed a bug where Floating Notes were not restored correctly if toggled very quickly