v1.22.0August 25, 2021

Export/import preferences and data


Use Raycast on more than one Mac or like to backup your custom Raycast config? Now you can easily transfer or backup your preferences and data, with the new export and import feature.

Use the "Export Preferences & Data" command to export preferences, aliases, hotkeys, favourites, snippets, quicklinks, floating notes and other data to a "rayconfig" file. Later you can import this configuration file, using the "Import Preferences & Data" command, on the same mac or start just where you left off on a new mac.

✨ New

  • Search Menu Items: You can now disable apps in which you do not want to use the command, thus helping you continue with your favourite command palette in apps that support it while using the same shortcut to bring up this Raycast command for other apps. Go to Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Search Menu Items and select apps on the right pane.
  • Snippets: We've added a new "After Delimiter" expansion mode. In this mode, the keyword will only be expanded after entering a delimiter e.g. space or punctuation. You can now also configure the delay before immediate expansion.
  • File Search: You can now choose in preferences to search file contents, in addition to the default file name search.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Clipboard history: Added actions to remove recent entries
  • Clipboard history: Added option to store up to three months of copied content
  • Contacts: Added name to the Action Panel for more context
  • Improve on-login start performance
  • Search Menu Items: Search Results are no longer grouped into sections of the top-level menu and are now sorted according to the match in the menu item, helping you reach the item you need with fewer keystrokes
  • Search Menu Items: Checkmark is now displayed near items that support it and have it enabled
  • Calculator will now stay out of the way when your search term has at least one matching command, app or quicklink. We hope you wouldn't miss it too much
  • Calculator: Large numbers (up to a Trillion) is now displayed in full with local specific separators
  • File search: Now prompts for "Removable Volume" access permission if required. This enables file search on removable media such as USB sticks or hard drives.
  • File search: Down-score results in ~/Library/Group Containers
  • Window Management: Added a "Center Two Thirds" command.
  • All items in the Extension Preferences are now sorted alphabetically
  • Applications, script commands and quicklinks can now be drag'n'dropped out of root search

🐞 Fixes

  • Common navigation shortcuts of Raycast such as ⌘ W, ⌘ βŽ‹ and custom shortcuts you have assigned in Raycast will now work inside the Search Menu Items command as well
  • The Configure Command action panel item (⌘ ⇧ ,) on the root search will now always take you to the exact command in Preferences even if you are in a different tab or have a filter turned on
  • Disabled apps and quicklinks will now be hidden as expected when you turn on the Show only enabled filter in Extension Preferences
  • Special characters like +, & are now encoded properly when you pass them to a Quicklink or Script Command
  • Jira: Fixed an issue with the Due Date format that could cause Create Issue command to fail in certain regions
  • Scripts: Fixed an issue that would prevent TypeScript script commands from showing up in Raycast
  • Auto Input Switcher: Fixed an issue where Raycast wouldn't switch back to Pinyin input source after closing window with auto input switcher enabled
  • File Search: Fixed a crash when entering '%@' as a search term.