v1.21.0July 29, 2021

🤫 Silent Updates

We've been continuously releasing updates throughout the last year to improve the app based on your feedback. Usually, we group smaller changes together with a highlighted feature. But sometimes we want to ship a small fix or improvement without making a big fuss out of it. Today we're introducing Silent Updates to iterate even quicker. Silent Updates install in the background, they don't have any release notes and you most likely won't notice them.

Going forward we'll still release regular updates but use Silent Updates for smaller bug fixes and iterations on our upcoming API, which we are currently alpha testing. More on the latter soon 😉

💎 Improvements

  • Root Search: Add support for detecting apps or preferences via symlinked folders
  • Root Search: Add a new general action to reset the ranking of an item – you can use it to get rid of upranked search result items that you don't open often anymore
  • G Suite: Trashed Google Drive files are not shown in search results anymore
  • Calculator: Now displays results up to 10 decimal places and spells out results properly up to 2^54 (18 Quadrillion...)
  • Snippets: Add expansion options in preferences. You can now choose to expand a keyword immediately or only after entering a delimiter (such as space or a punctuation character)
  • Bookmarks: Display browser icon as a fallback if favicon is unavailable
  • Search Menu Items: Improved matching algorithm and added support for fuzzy search
  • Add a new icon for the dynamic Open in Browser command
  • Improve cold start performance, enhance in-app updates

🐞 Fixes

  • Search: Fixed an issue with a wrong ranking of results that have not been visited recently. (If needed, please run the new "Reset Ranking" action on an item in root search.)
  • Search Menu Items: Items with all submenus disabled will no longer show up
  • Fixed issue with Create Quicklink command not getting disabled properly in some cases
  • Zoom: Fixed broken authorization that would end up showing "Invalid scope" error on Zoom's website
  • Script Commands: Don't pop to root automatically if the script is still running
  • Misc: Fixed an issue where automatic input switching didn't switch back to the previous language after closing Raycast