v1.20.0July 13, 2021

🔎 Menu Items Search

Search through all menu items of the frontmost application with our latest addition to the Navigation extension. The Search Menu Items command is a great way to discover the functionality of an app without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

✨ Pro tip: Use a global hotkey to open the Search Menu Items command, e.g. ⌥ M.

💎 Improvements

  • Linear: Add support for the new Issue Triage. Set the Triage status in the Create Issue command to add issues to your Triage team inbox. If an issue is assigned to you and has the Triage status assigned, you'll see it on the top in the Assigned Issues command.
  • Script Commands: Raycast will pop to root in fullOutput mode after a timeout same way as other commands.

🐞 Fixes

  • Linear: Fixed a bug where Linear Create Issue command would not work for some users
  • Switch Windows: Fixed issues that might have caused Raycast to crash in the background