v1.19.0July 1, 2021

πŸͺŸ Switch Windows

List all open windows of your running applications and switch instantly. Search for window titles or app names and use the action panel to perform common window or application related actions.

✨ New

  • Window Management: Use presets to assign default hotkeys of Magnet, Rectangle, or Spectacle to window management commands via Raycast Preferences β†’ Extensions β†’ Window Management.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calendar: Overlapping events from previous days are now shown in the today section
  • System command: Change step size of the Turn Volume Up/Down command to 5%
  • Quicklink: Now shows favicon for links selected to open with more browsers including Vivaldi, Safari Technology Preview, and Firefox Developer Edition

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Fixed issue in which strings like "time in london" showed the local time as result
  • Quicklink: Fixed issue with alias not working properly in some cases