v1.18.0June 16, 2021

🔎 File Search


We've been hard at work on improvements to File Search. There is a new filter menu so you can choose between searching all files on your Mac or just your user files. Results are more accurate and relevant than ever; we've also improved the algorithm, so it should be easier to surface results whether you search by name or for a specific file type. We've also improved compatibility with iCloud Drive.

✨ New

  • Script Commands: Added support for secure inputs that can be used for passing passwords to scripts. To enable add "secure": true to the argument configuration. More details in documentation.

💎 Improvements

  • File search: Added a filter so you can search for all files on your Mac or just your user files.
  • File search: Results are more accurate and relevant; we also suppress results from system files and other locations such as ~/Library.
  • File search: Improved compatibility with iCloud Drive.
  • File search: You can now toggle the file detail view to show file paths in the results list.
  • My Schedule: Improved performance by fetching only events of the next month instead of the next quarter
  • My Schedule: Now you can join Facebook Workplace video calls straight from Raycast
  • Contacts: Added action to call phone number with iPhone
  • Calculator: Now supports conversion between any two units without needing to specify a number e.g. USD to EUR, kg to pounds...
  • Clipboard history: Added a "Save as Snippet" action to save clipboard items as a new snippet.
  • Snippets: You can now view information about a snippet, such as the modification date and copy count.

🐞 Fixes

  • Reminders: Setting due date from action panel will now be reflected in Apple's Reminders.
  • Calculator: Natural logarithm for negative values now returns error as expected.
  • Currency Conversion: Currency rates should now update correctly after refreshing.
  • Currency Conversion: Fixed aliases for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Added yen, won aliases for Japanese and South Koren currencies.
  • Fixed a bug (Catalina only) where the login status for some services was not updated in the user interface.