v1.16.0May 26, 2021

⚡️ Snippet expansion


Snippet expansion comes to Raycast. Simply type the snippet keyword in any app to have it auto-expand in-place. It's great for emails, code, messages or just flipping the table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .

To enable the expansion for existing snippets use the "Edit Snippet" action to add a keyword. You can add a keyword straight away when creating new snippets.

✨ New

  • New command to toggle Bluetooth

💎 Improvements

  • Set function keys (F1 ... F20) as global hotkeys for apps or commands. They work with and without modifier keys
  • Window position is now persisted between launches of the app
  • Preferences: Items in the Extensions pane are now sorted alphabetically when searching
  • Quicklinks: Added a confirmation alert before deleting Quicklinks to prevent accidental deletions
  • Quicklinks: Added action to duplicate a Quicklink, just press ⌘ D with the Quicklink selected from root search. Editing is also now much easier, using ⌘ E and the same form
  • Clipboard History: Now you can drag'n'drop content out of clipboard history to other apps
  • Root Search: More locations for preference panes and nested apps from app packages are detected by default
  • Root Search: Configure any command or app by pressing ⌘ ⇧ , . It opens the preferences window and selects the item, so that you can set a hotkey or an alias easily.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where disabled apps showed up in the suggestions on the root search
  • Calculator: Fixed an issue with crypto conversion where Ethereum currency symbols were mixed up
  • Reminders: Fixed an issue where setting Due Date is not reflected in Apple’s Reminders apps
  • Quicklinks: Fixed an issue which leads to a crash sometimes when changing a Quicklink’s name in the preferences pane
  • Fixed regression in “Open In Browser” command, which sometimes didn’t open the proper URL