v1.11.0April 6, 2021

🏋️‍♀️ Adjustable Font Sizes


You can now increase the font size in the Appearance tab in the Preferences window. The size is applied to the most frequently used screens and icons are resized accordingly as well. This makes Raycast more accessible and pleasant for users who prefer larger text.

🔢 Quick selection


Whilst holding down the key, you'll now see numbers for each list item appear to make your decision a lot quicker and easier. Quickly select an item from the list by pressing + 1 … 9. No more counting down the list!

💎 Improvements

  • File Search: Finds more results for partial search terms and has improved performance in some cases
  • Script Commands: Remember template and mode in the Create Script Command for quicker creation
  • Script Commands: Automatically watch the directory of new scripts if necessary
  • Script Commands: Enable selection of hidden directories
  • Linear: Add action to archive issues
  • Linear: Saving last used project for Create Issue command
  • Linear: Links in issues detail are clickable now
  • Calculator is more context-aware in that it will not just pop up whenever you enter a number, making searches the more natural choice.
  • Calculator now supports exclamation mark (!) to compute factorials

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed issues with the output of special characters in script commands
  • Increased amount of labels and assignees to load for Linear's Create Issue screen
  • Fixed issue with unexpected state and background color in the secondary button
  • When you refresh currency conversion rates, the updated time will be immediately reflected in the Calculator
  • Calculator now shows TimeZone with adjusted offset for Daylight Savings
  • Fixed crashes in Calculator for certain edge case inputs
  • Fixed typos in Romanian and Moldovan currencies
  • Fixed an issue when scripts wouldn't get reloaded automatically