v1.10.0March 16, 2021

✨ M1 Support


It's happening. Support for M1 is here. Unleash the full power of Macs that are spec'd with Apple Silicon chips. Geek info: To keep the size of our updates small, you only download the architecture you need.

💎 Improvements

  • Script Commands: Added colored output support for inline scripts
  • Script Commands: Added an action to copy output of compact mode scripts to the toast
  • Script Commands: Improve folder watching to avoid unnecessary reloads
  • Clipboard History: Added a preference to specify for how long the history should be kept. Choose between 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days
  • Clipboard History: Select first un-pinned item, use 1...9 shortcut to select pinned items
  • Calculator: Added metadata for more operators. Whether you type "plus" or "+", "x" or "*", we got you covered

🐞 Fixes

  • Calculator: Ignore the calculator result if the search text matches an alias
  • Calculator: Fixed casing issues in temperature conversions. "32 f to c", "40 c to F" all get you the exact degrees you need
  • Fixed a bug when sending an email to all attendees of a calendar event
  • Fixed a problem where the clipboard history stopped working
  • Fixed a bug where the Restore command of the Window Management extension didn't work
  • Fixed a crash during automatic updates