v0.31.0October 16, 2020

⭐️ Favorites

Raycast suggests your recently and frequently commands and apps but sometimes you want to have a fixed selection when opening Raycast. Now you can favorite any command or app to let it appear at the top of the root search. Hit Command K in the root to open the Action Panel and search for favorites to add, remove, and move items.


🤖 Dashboards

Want to take a quick glance on how many pull requests need your attention or how your stock portfolio performs?! Use the new inline mode and refreshTime metadata for Script Commands to show the output of your scripts directly in the root search of Raycast. The commands can run with a custom schedule so that your output stays fresh or your script is performed in the background for you. Find examples and documentation in this repository.


Tip: Favorite your dashboard item to show it always at the top of the root search.

💎 Improvements

  • Jira: Projects and filters are now searchable and not limited to a fixed number of entries any more.
  • Command W now also pops to the root search in addition to closing the Raycast window. It's a quick way to reset Raycast for your next interaction.
  • Improved performance of the root search.
  • Reduced the timeout before Raycast resets to the root search when the window is hidden.
  • Slightly increased font size in the search bar to improve readability.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an indexing issue where apps rarely would not show up in root search.
  • Fixed a bug where pinned entries of the Clipboard History didn't show up.
  • GitHub: Fixed an issue where some repositories wouldn't be available in the dropdown.
  • GitHub: Fixed an issue where the number of comments for issues and pull requests was displayed incorrectly.

⚠️ Important: We changed permission scopes required to use GitHub so you will be asked to re-login to use this extension. To be more specific, we added scope read:org to be able to search repositories in your org and notifications for upcoming command that we’re building. Sorry for the inconvenience.