v0.30.0October 7, 2020

πŸ—ƒ G Suite: Search, create and open files

Need to find a project plan or the roadmap of the quarter? No more crawling your browser's history! Use our new commands to access your Google documents, slides and spreadsheets. You can open or download them or copy a link for easy sharing. The extension also has commands to quickly create new documents.

G Suite

βœ… Linear: Create, search and complete issues

We use Linear for issue tracking and share our internal extension with you. The team utilizes it to create issues from anywhere on the desktop. And to check what needs our attention with the My Assigned Issues command. The extension also has a global search to find issues by title or description.


🐱 GitHub: Check, re-run and cancel workflow runs

The GitHub extension got a new command: Workflow Runs. Use it to check recent runs of your automation workflows. Hit Command-K to re-run or delete the workflow run as well as open it in a browser.


πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Added alerts for destructive actions to treat irrevserible actions with attention.
  • Added an action to quit and force quit running application. Hit Command-K on the root search to perform the actions.
  • Improved ranking when search term more closely matches the name of an app or command.
  • Jira: Show avatar as icon for the assign to me / un-assign from me action.
  • Script Commands: Added support for showing confirmation alert before running a script. Use the new needsConfirmation metadata parameter. More details in documentation.
  • Script Commands: Running scripts using silent mode now displays HUD toast when executed if the script had standard output. It can be a great way to provide visual feedback.
  • Script Commands: Add support for scripts written in Swift
  • Script Commands: You can now cancel script from the toast action when it's running in compact mode
  • Asana: Improved the look of issues with empty titles
  • GitHub: Open just created issues and pull requests in Raycast from the toast

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when new windows for running applications where always opened
  • Fixed a bug where empty applications shown up in the Open With action
  • Fixed a bug where ranking data would not be maintained when apps are updated while Raycast is running
  • Fixed a bug where Action Panel would get broken when network error happens
  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue where bash profile would spam in script command output. We don't use login shell by default now. Refer to documentation to see how to use login shell in your script.
  • GitHub: Fixed erasing of a typed text when you create a new issue or a pull request