v0.29.0September 30, 2020

🐱 Github Issues

Support for GitHub issues is here. Now you can use commands My Created Issues and My Open Issues to list and manage your backlog. Both commands work across your repositories by default. You can use a filter to select a specific repository.

Recently Created Issues

Use the Create Issue command to quickly report a bug or add an issue to your project. The command also supports issue templates provided by your repositories.

Create Issue

πŸ€– Script Commands

Many of you asked for it and we've listened. Now you can create your own commands using scripts. It's a great way to extend the functionality of Raycast and tailor it to your needs. Make sure to check out this repo on how to get started. We also added some handy samples that you can grab.

Pro tip: Create a repository of your script commands and share it with your teammates!

Script Commands

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • 🌊With macOS Big Sur around the corner with its new shiny design, we decided to follow the trend and modernized selection style in lists. Enjoy!
  • GitHub: Show number of comments in the My Pull Requests command
  • GitHub: Added a filter for repositories to the My Pull Requests command
  • GitHub: Show projects in the pull requests details view
  • Improved date picker to match more autocompletions and show time in hint

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where upcoming events wouldn't show up in the root search
  • Asana: Fixed a bug where the last workspace wasn't remember in the Create Task command
  • Asana: Fixed an issue where project dropdown wouldn't work in Create Task command when workspace has too many projects.